8th Grade Supply List

You DO NOT need a large zipper/Velcro binder in 8th grade since our teachers prefer that you have a smaller binder or a folder for each class. 

Please use the list below in order to be best prepared for your 8th grade year.


  • Earbuds or headphones to use with your school issued iPad (to be stored in iPad bag)
  • Pencils…LOTS & LOTS OF PENCILS (If you prefer mechanical be sure to have extra lead)
  • Large erasers
  • Colored pencils, set of highlighters (different colors)
  • Index cards for vocabulary (several sets)

ELA:  Heavy duty binder or folder(s) with pockets & a spiral notebook

Math:  Folder with pockets (2 or 3 as they will wear out), an at-home calculator (such as a TI-30XIIS (costs approx. $12-$15)) 

The textbook is online so internet at home will be beneficial for the interactive pieces to the book

Social Studies:  Folder with pockets 

Science:  1” or 1½” heavy duty binder (different color than other classes), a 70 Page Spiral Notebook (NOT a 3 or 5 Subject notebook)

Portions of curriculum are online so internet at home will be beneficial for the interactive simulations

Algebra:  4 AAA batteries & 4 folders with pockets (1 for each quarter since they wear out)

Advisory:  1 box of tissues (Kleenex) & 1 container of Clorox Wipes (or other brand)

Physical Education/Health:  Running shoes, socks, shorts at least fingertip length, and a roomy T shirt. Sweat pants and capris are fine.  Yoga pants do not fit the school dress code.  A lock will be provided.

Math Boostspiral notebook