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Schools of Choice 2020-2021

Western Schools will be accepting Schools of Choice applications for winter openings of the 2020-2021 school year from December 7- December 18, 2020.  The SOC application form (link below) must be completed and returned to the Western School District Administration Office between the dates of December 7, 2020 through December 18, 2020.  Applications received after December 18, 2020 will be placed on a waiting list for winter placement consideration, if space remains available.  Early applications will not be accepted. 


Applications may be emailed to or sent by U.S. Mail to:


Western School District 

Attn:  Michelle Day 

1400 S. Dearing Road   

Parma, MI  49269 


IMPORTANT:  The application form must be dated within the application window, December 7, 2020 - December 18, 2020, and the center section of the application must be completed and signed by an official of the school that the student is currently attending in order to be considered for Schools of Choice.

GRADE LEVEL OPENINGS:  Western has limited SOC openings for winter 2020-2021.  The minimum number of students to be accepted for each grade is listed below.    

Kdg = Unlimited   1st=(1)  2nd=(1)  3rd=(1) 4th=(1)  5th=(1)  6th=(1) 7th=(1) 8th=(1) 9th=(1) 10th=(1) 11th=(1) 12th=(1) 


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