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Western Education Foundation

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History and Organization

The Western Educational Foundation, created in 1985, is a non-profit community organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of education in the Western School District. The foundation is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The foundation seeks and encourages tax-exempt financial contributions from the private sector to be distributed selectively to worthy projects proposed by teachers, students, parents, donors, and administrators. Funds generated through the Foundation are intended to supplement, not replace, normal school funding. The board of Trustees meets regularly to monitor Foundation activities. Ten (10) are elected; one (1) appointed by the Western District Board; one (1) student representative; and one (1) is appointed by the Superintendent. All are community-based volunteers who have been chosen for their expertise as well as their interest in providing exceptional educational opportunities for the students in the Western School District.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Western Educational Foundation is to encourage contributions and financial support of the Western School District by providing additional resources of revenues in order to fund exceptional and educationally enriching projects for our children and youth.

Contributions and Investment Guidelines


The Western Educational Foundation established this document to provide guidelines for the administration of Foundation contributions and assets.


Gifts and bequests to the Foundation will be gratefully received to supplement regular educational revenues to provide support for enrichment programs and service development. Gifts and bequests designated to the Special Purpose Fund or Endowment Fund will be invested for the purpose of achieving a return consistent with
liquidity needs. The underlying tenet of investment strategy shall be the protection of principals.

Areas of Interest

The Western Educational Foundation established the following program areas of interest:

Technology and Learning: Projects and programs designed to promote and maintain use of the most recent technologies in teaching and learning and to provide experiences for students which will prepare them for the workplace of the twenty-first century.

Scholastic Enrichment: Projects and programs which fulfill a variety of needs for students and teachers designed to provide learning opportunities beyond the core curriculum. Arts Education: Interactive and experiential programs in the fine arts and performing arts which enhance opportunities for students as well as promote lifelong enrichment and enjoyment for students, faculty and the community at large.

Community Partnership: Programs and activities which promote the participation of business and industry to provide students with real-life work experiences.
Gifts and bequests may be designed and directed to any of the four interest areas above. Gifts having no designation will be allocated to one or more of the established areas of interest by the Board of Trustees of the Western Educational Foundation.