Western's 1:1 Educational Initiative

  • Western School District is proud to have been the first district in the county to develop a 1:1 program at our secondary grade levels, 6th through 12th grade. We have always lead the way in the county when incorporating new technology initiatives, giving our students a head start as they prepare for their future as productive citizens and technology users. Whether they head to college, a trade school, military, or the job force, our students will be ready for whatever challenges await them. 

    Our Middle School and High School students each have an iPad assigned to them, leveling the educational playing field, providing ALL students with equal opportunities and access to unlimited internet resources. They can opt to take the device home for a true "Any TimeAny Place, Any Way, Any Pace" learning experience. While at school, students also have access to MacBook Air laptops and Chromebooks. The availability of all of these devices, and a robust WiFi network, combined with unique learning environment such as our Commons area in our High School, ensure that students can perform any task needed for their educational pursuits.

    At the elementary buildings, students have access to classroom sets of iPads, as well as carts of MacBook Airs and Chromebooks, facilitating a technology rich environment. Our Elementary Technology Instructor, Mrs. Walker, provides our elementary students with a wealth of experiences from maker spaces, Osmo robotics, internet safety and digital citizenship training, and prepares students to safely and effectively use technology as they move toward the Middle School and High School. 

    We believe that appropriate use of technology helps students develop higher level thinking and problem-solving skills that are not possible through old school educational experiences. Please read our Student/Parent iPad Handbook for more information on our approach to technology and the educational benefits.

1:1 Educational Technology Success Stories

  • Teachers at Western are making changes in the way our students learn to prepare them for the world that awaits. Whether they head off to college, trade school, an internship, the service, or the workforce, technology will be an everpresent part of their life. We are readying our students for their future by providing them with opportunities to engage in higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills that go far beyond rote memorization of facts, figures, and dates. Our students are learning how to interpret those facts and figures, to apply their knowledge and solve problems in creative ways. These critical thinking, creative problem solving and collaborative skills are the skills needed for success in the 21st century.

    Below are just a few videos that demonstrate how our teachers are changing the way they teach and students learn. Stay tuned as we add to our story.