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Michigan Science Standards

Michigan’s science standards are organized by grade level K-5, and then by grade span in middle school and high school. The K-5 grade level organization reflects the developmental nature of learning for elementary students in a manner that attends to the important learning progressions toward basic foundational understandings. By the
time students reach traditional middle school grades (6-8), they can begin to build on this foundation to develop more sophisticated understandings of science concepts within and across disciplines. This structure also allows schools to design local courses and pathways that make sense for their students and available instructional resources.  

WSD Anatomy and Physiology Curriculum Map

WSD AP Biology Curriculum Map

WSD Biology Curriculum Map

WCPHS Biology Curriculum map

WSD Chemistry Curriculum Map

WCPHS Science 9 Curriculum Map

WSD 8th Grade Science Curriculum Map

WSD 7th Grade Science Curriculum Map

WSD 6th Grade Science Curriculum Map