• Jumping the Practice Hurdle

    Starting a practice regiment is actually quite simple, because the hardest part of practicing is getting the instrument out of the case. You have done some outstanding work in Band so far this year, and you are capable of even more than you think you are! Now, get your instrument out of the case and play some notes. It should feel good to play, and I am here to help you get better at it. Here are some ideas to help you have successful and productive practice sessions. 

    • There are no new concepts in these songs, just the same things with a different melody. Don’t think of it as being too hard, but rather, that you're just not familiar with the song yet.
    • Use a metronome to keep a steady pulse. 
    • Use a tuner to check that you're playing the right notes.
    • Remember to transpose from the tuner.
    • Keep good posture.
    • Practice slowly. You have time, right?
    • You are capable of difficult things, and it doesn't have to be perfect. 
    • Even if the notes and rhythms are complicated, play with the dynamics and the correct articulation. 
    •  Still feeling overwhelmed? Every time you practice, you are getting better!  
    • Take a break from the hard stuff to play things that you are already good at and that you enjoy!!!
    • The iPad app EEi, or Essential Elements Interactive, is a tool used in conjunction with the Essential Elements method book in 6th and 7th Grade Band. Here are the steps to gain access to that app:
      1. Download EEi onto your iPad (available in Self-Service).
      2. Once downloaded, open the app.
      3. In the welcome screen, select "Students".
      4. In the pop-up, select "Create an Account".
      5. In the next screen (Student Account Creation), select "I don't have a school code".
      6. Enter your birthdate.
      7. On the next screen, select both boxes and enter the activation code found on the inside cover of your student book.
      8. Continue into the app to explore the many ways you can use it in your practice.