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    The WEF truly appreciates your brick purchase. The following bricks have been ordered and installed in the walkway in front of the high school complex:

    Krista Whiting

    Eddy Rosencrants

    Marcus Reardon

    Paul Bickel

    WEA Teachers

    Sharlene Carroll

    James Patterson

    Class of 2018









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    The Foundation encourages a variety of thoughtful contributions. Among these are the following:

    • Cash Contributions (including checks) through direct contributions, memorials, honorariums, or designated
    • Brick Purchase
    • Gifts of securities and real estate.
    • Gifts in Kind (must be suitable for school purposes or must have a ready market value - duplicating machines,
      vehicles, computers, artwork, etc.)
    • Life Insurance Gifts
    • Life Income Gifts in Trust of cash, real estate or securities (ie. maintain an income for life - the gift is
      completed at death.)
    • Bequests to the Western Educational Foundation through a Last Will and Testament.

    All contributions to the Foundation are receipted and may provide the donor with a charitable tax benefit as
    provided by the applicable tax code for 501(c)(3) organizations. Further information regarding giving
    opportunities is available from the Western Administrative Office or any Foundation Board of Trustee.
    Foundation Trustees are available as necessary to communicate with the donor and his or her own tax or legal


    The Board of Trustees of the Western Educational Foundation herewith establishes the following
    contribution funds:

    General Operating Fund: Contributions intended to meet the current administrative costs of the Foundation.
    Examples of the General Operating Fund needs may include printing of brochures, pamphlets, news articles,
    general consultant fees, and other miscellaneous expenses not readily allowable for specific purposes.

    Special Purpose Fund: Contributions intended to provide a specific purpose, program, or article. Special
    Purpose fund contributions may be expended in part or total and will be accounted for by general purpose,
    program or article. Investment interest generated will be allocated on the basis of ending available balances
    within the fund. Following a period of one year of special purpose activity, unallocated balances may be
    allocated within the Fund.

    Endowment Fund: Contributions intended to provide a perpetual source of funding from a generated
    investment interest. Endowment principal amounts shall not be redistributed to another fund unless approved
    by a two-thirds (2/3) voting majority of the Board of Trustees.


    At the request of the donor, the confidentiality of any gift, donation or contribution will be respected.
    Professional expenses are to be the responsibility of the donor, whenever possible. However, the Board of
    Trustees will endeavor to underwrite such expenses in order to obtain a significant gift or bequest.

    Please use this form to make a contribution or this form to purchase a brick.