Greg Adams

Gregory Adams, MA

  • Mr. Adams is a proud father of five wonderful children and a devoted husband to a beautiful and inspirational wife of fifteen years. Over the past six years Mr. Adams had an amazing opportunity as an Emotional Impairment Instructor with the Jackson County Intermediate School District to teach emotionally impaired students lessons in core academic areas, while modeling acceptable social skills and self management techniques. Mr. Adams' students were engaged in relevant life skills lessons, anger management, and team building exercises to build social appropriateness.

    To begin his career, Mr. Adams dedicated fifteen years as a Youth Specialist with the Jackson County Youth Center rehabilitating the lives of at-risk youth within Jackson County. In addition to Mr. Adams' teaching experience, he managed student affairs and provided adequate supervision at daVinci High School as the Behavior Management Specialist. 

    Mr. Adams serves the Jackson community in various capacities ranging from teaching marriage and family classes, hosting community events and mentoring young men. No matter the capacity, Mr. Adams is passionate about building strong families, developing youth and being involved in his community; and finds it very rewarding to share the values he has learned with others.